Why Adesalzi is the Best Insurance Broker for Expat Health Insurance

Best Insurance Broker for Expat Health Insurance Oficina Excelente 2021

Adesalzi’s clients say that Adesalzi is the best insurance broker for expat health insurance. They explain that the real benefit is having a broker that always has your back. Especially when you have problems with your health and just need the right support. This is just one of the things that makes Adesalzi the best insurance broker for expat health insurance.

Adesalzi is an exclusive Adeslas agent, which means you get a personalized one-to-one service along with the quality and choice that comes from one of the biggest and most reputable insurance companies in Spain, according to the prestigious international publication “Global Banking & Finance”. It really is the best of both worlds!

Recently, Rebeca Camara from Adesalzi was featured in Valencia’s local news website, Valencia Life, as a ‘Local Hero’. The site’s editor, Eugene Costello, had such a wonderful experience with the customer service, professionalism and pure kindness that Rebeca demonstrated every step of the way. As a result, he felt the need to shout from the rooftops about her and Adesalzi.

It’s no surprise that he wanted to tell the world that Adesalzi is the best insurance broker for expat health insurance, because it’s so much more than just an insurance broker. Unlike other brokers, with Adesalzi, once you take out the policy and the sale is complete, the interactions don’t stop. It’s actually when the good stuff starts. Their experts have your back whenever you need them. From finding the right appointment you need, getting you out of a jam when communication is lost, to helping you submit any paperwork that’s needed. They are there for you at every stage.

Rebeca Camara Adesalz - Best Insurance Broker for Expat Health Insurance

Hassle-free insurance at its best!

Adesalzi’s customer service really is second to none. However, if you don’t need the full support at any particular time you’ll have access to an online medical finder platform, in English. This will help you find what you need quickly. Also, another thing that customers love!

People who work in insurance have long been stereotyped as lovers of paperwork and formalities. Well, Adesalzi is changing this. The ability to simply contact them with a quick WhatsApp message really does make life easy. Surely what we’re all looking for is professionalism and convenience.

Being an expat can be wonderful, yet challenging. And while the good outweighs the bad for so many, it’s still great when the challenging stuff becomes a bit easier. Finding the right policy that actually does what you need can be hard enough in your native language and in a country you know well. So, when starting a life in a new country why not have someone who understands exactly what you need and can help every step of the way in your language.

Rebeca tells Valencia Life that – “Being there when our clients most need us is our best asset.”

The article also explains how the more complex the need, the more Rebeca likes to find a solution. “Whether you are looking for insurance for residency purposes, are autonomo, running a business, have a family or need cover for seniors, this is where I can work best at finding solutions,” says Rebeca. “As well as health, we do pet insurance, home insurance, car insurance and even funeral insurance. We also always look for a portfolio of products to make sure we are saving you money.

One-stop-shop for the best expat insurance in Spain

It really is your one-stop-shop for expat insurance in Spain. So it’s no wonder that Rebeca was labelled a local hero, she, and the whole team at Adesalzi, are helping people every day. And when it comes to your health, we all want to have the best people on our side. We also want them to assist us when we need it most. Valencia Life summed it up well, saying – ‘The service she gives her clients is exemplary, and all done with lashings of charm and efficiency. Having Rebeca in your corner will ensure that you get the best treatment that you can’.

So, Rebeca is officially a local hero to the expats in Valencia, but that’s not where her powers end. Adesalzi offers its services nationwide. So, wherever you already are, or planning to settle in Spain, Rebeca and her team are ready to assist you too. – Have a look at what health insurance you need for Spanish Residency here.

If you want to check out the article yourself, here’s the link.

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