Dog and a cat - Do I need pet insurance in Spain

Maybe you’re thinking of moving to Spain with your fluffy friend or you’re already in Spain and considering adding a new four-legged member to your family. Either way, you’ll need all the information you can get about your options for pet insurance in Spain.

Did you know about the new Animal Welfare Law in Spain?

On Thursday 9 February 2023, the Plenary of Congress approved the Animal Protection, Rights and Welfare Law, as well as the reform of the Civil Code for penalties for animal mistreatment.

This means recognizing their rights, supporting responsible pet ownership, prohibiting all commercial and leisure activities that are contrary to animal welfare and punishing abusive and neglectful behavior. It also includes the need for compulsory pet insurance.

This new law is the first step towards regulating animal rights in Spain, thus eliminating the previously used term “potentially dangerous dogs”.

This does not mean that there are no dogs that need special care because of their potential aggressiveness, but they will only be classified as potentially dangerous animals after an individualised sociability study according to the new animal welfare law in 2023.
The term “potentially dangerous dog” is changed to “special handling dog”.

In addition, according to the new Law, all dog owners must take a free and indefinitely valid training course for dog ownership.

Not all are dangerous 😉

Fines for non-compliance with the Animal Welfare Act

. Minor infringements: From 500 to 10.000 euros.
. Serious infringements: From 10.001 to 50.000 euros.
. Very serious infringements: From 5.,001 to 200.000 euros.

Abandoning an animal, for example, is considered a serious offense.

And what about compulsory liability insurance? Is it only for dogs considered as special handling dogs, or for all dogs?

Dogs that until now were considered potentially dangerous were required to have compulsory pet liability insurance. Well, with the entry into force of this new law, ALL dogs will have to have liability insurance, regardless of whether they are special handling dogs or not.

In other words, dogs that cease to be potentially dangerous will have to maintain their civil liability insurance, and those that until now had no insurance at all will have to start having it. In this way, all pets must have at least pet insurance for damages to third parties.

Where to get pet insurance in Spain?

Here at Adesalzi, we would like to help you comply with the new animal welfare law and avoid the additional costs associated with their health, via our pet insurance: Adeslas Mascotas.

One of the main advantages of this insurance is to obtain sufficient coverage capacity so your pet is always well cared for, without the high costs that vet visits could entail.

This type of pet insurance will also cover you against any possible third-party liability claims and comply with the new Animal Welfare Law.

So if you have a dog or cat, of any breed, over three months old and under 9 years old with a microchip, you can insure it with us, without a medical questionnaire.

Pet insurance in Spain - Taking a selfie with pet
Protect your pet’s health

Types of pet insurance in Spain that Adesalzi offer:

We offer 2 different insurance options, Basic or Complete.

Our Basic Cover includes third party liability, as required by the new animal welfare law, robbery and death by accident and it does not have any waiting periods. This policy is quite inexpensive starting at 66€ per year. Ask for your additional discount if you are already an Adeslas client!

In addition, if you choose our Complete Cover, we will add on free rabies checks and offer you access to a wide national veterinary team and 24-hour emergency appointments. We have the widest veterinary network with more than 300 clinics nationwide with reduced rates for any consultations, certificates, hospitalization, vaccination, surgery, medical specialities and high-tech diagnostic tests.

Are vets expensive in Spain?

One thing you might want to know before deciding whether or not to take out pet insurance is: are vets expensive in Spain? If for some reason vets were incredibly cheap in Spain you might take the risk that you’ll just pay the vet bills as and when you need to. But, that’s the thing, you’ll be taking a big risk. Because vets are still expensive in Spain, just like everywhere else, when you need them most. Having pet insurance gives you the peace of mind that if something bad were to happen to your furry friend, you know that you will be covered. If you have the right policy, even when vet bills run into the thousands, you don’t have to worry about how you can afford to pay the bill in full. Your insurer can take part of that load for you.

Let us take care of the health of your loving furry friend! For more information and a free quote please contact us by phone, email or Whatsapp. We’re ready and waiting to help protect your pet today, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have.

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